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Yingmei Duan ( 段英梅 )

At the centre of Yingmei Duan’s performance art is her exploration of human instincts, longings, and dark desires. She examines the processes of society and questions its conventions and behaviours.

Born in 1969 in China, Yingmei Duan is part of the Chinese avant-garde, and worked as a painter for many years, living in the legendary art district of Beijing’s East Village. In 1995 she participated in the performance “To add one meter to an anonymous mountain”, which is considered to be one of the classics of Chinese modern art. She became a pure performance artist under the influence of Marina Abramović, with whom she studied at the HBK Braunschweig in Germany from 2000 to 2004. There, she also worked for one year with the filmmaker and action artist Christoph Schlingensief. In the last fifteen years Yingmei Duan has made her name in numerous national and international exhibitions, festivals, residencies and workshops through her remarkable, thought provoking and emotional performance art.

Yingmei is an inquisitive observer who asks questions of all facets of life in order to continuously learn and develop. She often impulsively and spontaneously develops performances as situational experiments. On the other hand she can also plan her performances with intense attention being paid to the last detail.

She loves to interact with the public and likes to work with artists and people from all areas of life. Her artworks are works in progress, and are often stretched over long periods of time.



::vtol::是专门研究奇怪声音的莫斯科媒体艺术家、音乐家、工程师Dmitry Morozov的计划。

自 00年代中期,Dmitry开始积极运用DIY和circuit-bent乐器于其音乐创作之上。同时,他亦开始为其他音乐人制作乐器,令他成为后共产年 代里,前苏联境内的第一位合成器制作者。除了制作音乐与乐器,Dmitry更创作互动声音艺术装置,通过演讲和工作坊在俄罗斯提倡「创意改装电 路」(circuit-bending) 与「自己动手做」(DIY)。他曾经参与多个在俄罗斯、美国和以色列举办的艺术节。

::vtol:: 被各种微型电子零件和纹乱的彩色电线着迷。他一直热忱于改造已毁坏的仪器以制造全新的,具爆炸性和别树一格的发声机器,绝对是向自家改装工程的敬礼。

::vtol:: 热爱噪声的非理性及不可预知的独特质量,对他而言是代表人类经验重要的一环。在他还未以DIY机器制造音乐前,他巳一直收集各种电子乐器,然后破坏其零件以制造各种不可遇知的噪声。由于::vtol:: 在市面上找不到一件能充分表达自我的乐器,于是他决定自行探索创造真正属于个人的发声机器。他其中一个重要的创作泉源是土生土长的俄罗斯。他形容俄罗斯 为:”一个融汇创意改装电路于生活的国家。”对于破旧的电子用品,当地人一般都会选择维修它们而不是扔掉,所以创意改装电路的精神一直潜移默化影响了他。

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本名为Dimitri della Faille的Szkieve是比利时人,目前居住在加拿大蒙特利尔,他是一位尝试着声音和音乐的多种可能的独行侠,对声音美学有一种着迷般的认真。 1998年开始以这个名字活动 ,并创建了独立厂牌“Disques Hushush”。在获取政治社会学博士学位期间,他以学者和学生的身份游历了阿根廷、比利时、加拿大和美国的一些大学。除了以Szkieve名义发表的 一些专辑,他还与Martiens go Home、Vromb、Ammo等乐队有所合作,在北美、南美和欧洲各地演出,参加了Mutek 04音乐节。在最近的演出中,他使用4台PDA(掌上电脑),用安装在其中的合成器、音序器、采样器等软件,证明了声音制作的丰富性和多种可能性。这些声 音是由微观宇宙之声、瞬间的旋律和催眠的节奏构成的复杂织体,糅合了和声、弦乐和高频。他的声音探险堪称“科学”,可以与现代乐派电子乐相比拟,而不是和 枯燥的学院派实验相提并论。





LLND, 2 new media artists who synchronize by the sound and images. Together we created the Kit Art, a concept we developed to create composite instruments with variable articulations. Made for 'public use' to stimulate the artistic consciousness. Each module evolves autonomously or by external stimulation. The settings invite for games of sound and video constructions and deconstructions, falling into chaos looking for a new harmony. Interactivity and mobility are essentials in our works, which emit, receive and redistribute energy. To reveal the artistic resonance of everyone throughout sensory experiences, is at the center of our creative process.

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Yan Jun | 颜峻


Yan Jun, work with sound and language.
Born in Lanzhou in 1973. Now based in Beijing.
Founder of Sub Jam.

几段视听 some mp3 and video:
一个新集体博客,以及电台 a new group blog and a radio:
联系 contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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li daiguo | 李带果

Li Daiguo – improvisor, composer, street musician currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan China.
Most frequently used instruments and skills : violin, viola, cello, pipa, nanyin pipa, huqin (including erhu, sihu,banhu erxuan), ethnic flutes (xiao, nan-xiao (shakuhachi), hulusi, koudi, bawu), Zimbabwean mbira, kalimba, clarinet, human beatboxing, high and low overtone throat singing.

Chinese American born in Oklahoma, started formal training at the age of 5 in western classical music (violin, viola, cello, bass) and later at the age of 15 in traditional Chinese music (erhu, pipa). In university began to explore a variety of world music (Finnish, Carnatic Indian, etc.), improvisation and New Music as a Violin Performance and Literature major at San Diego State University. Participated in various world music ensembles, including university Finnish folk ensemble, participated in folk festivals and performance tours in finland for 2 summers (Kaustinen Folk music festival), performed with local improvisation, world fusion, and nu-jazz ensembles in southern California area (San diego, LA )

Moved to China in 2004 and began to focus on solo improvisation and composition, developing vocal skills (human beatboxing, overtone singing) and performing in a variety of venues and in the streets all over China, often visiting Japan and the U.S. Often collaborating with other artists including butoh dancers, contact jugglers, actors, clowns, musicians, VJs, DJs, live painters, magicians.



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